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Scotts Co. UK LTD
Hatfield Peat Works
Gauge : 3ft  
Status : Working

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Hatfield Peat Works has had a variety of owners over the years. Currently it is operated by Scotts Co UK. 3 Schöma locos were purchased new for use on both the Swinefleet and Hatfield sites. Since the Swinefleet site has closed, all three locos are at Hatfield, but when visited in 2003 one of these was out of use. This photo shows one of the Schömas about to pull out of the run round loop at the works with a train of empties.  
Schöma 5220 dumped off the tracks in the equipment yard at the works. Motor Rail MR40SD07 was also here behind the camera.  
After running south on the main line, the train of empties turns onto the one remaining branch in use, headed by Schöma 5130.  
At the end of the branch No.5129 was in use shuniting the empties to the loading area.  
A photo taken from the end of the line at the works. A couple of years previously the tracks continued round behind the camera in a large balloon loop.  
Arriving in the loop at the works the fork attachment on the tractor used for unloading can just been seen.
The wagons are run along a length of track set in concrete with a slightly wider gauge. The fork attachment slides under each wagon and is clamped in place while the wagon is emptied. The wider gauge allows the tractor to easily drop the wagons back onto the tracks. The gauge then reverts back to 3ft a few yards infront of the wagon.
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