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Znin PKP
Gauge : 600mm 
Status : Working (only as tourist line now)

The railway at Znin is still operational, although transport of beet by narrow gauge ceased a few years ago. The seasonal passenger services remaining are now tourist orientated.

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In October 1994, this photo shows a general view inside the sugar factory, with both narrow gauge, and standard gauge locos.
The WLs50, is the 'standard' small industrial narrow gauge loco in Poland. This example was used for shunting the large narrow gauge bogie wagons inside the factory.  
A few years previously in 1992, an old Polish built railcar was seen in the station area on the other side of the road from the sugar factory.  
Again from 1994, the midway station at Gasawa was an important loading point for sugar beet, which was forked into the wagons by hand. The beet arrived by tractor, sometimes with one or two trailers of beet in tow.  
Further north, near Biskupin, the two main lines divided, and near the junction, on a disused siding, in 1992, was found a derelict, unidentified (anyone have any ideas?) steam loco. By the time of the next visit in 1994, it had been removed.  
Just pulling away from a passing loop, where this Lyd2 loco, No. 68, has picked up a further couple of loaded wagons, on its way back to Znin.  
The standard wagon in use was a PKP high sided open bogie wagon, either of wood or metal construction.  
Looking north, these wagons were found at the southerly terminus at Szelezewo, which just consisted of a passing loop and single siding. Sugar beet waste pulp can be seen in the wagons, which is transported out of the sugar factory for use as animal feed, etc. The railway used to continue past this point at one stage.  
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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways