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Customer Feedback

The text below is not altered in any way from that received, representing a cross section of unsolicited comments received from satisfied customers over the last few years, from the UK, USA, France, Holland, Germany, Sweden, and many others. In nearly all cases Paypal was used to purchase the titles.

I have now been using Paypal to enable online ordering since May 2005, and have processed many hundreds of orders via this method. I have found the facility simple, effective, and problem free.

I have quite a few of your DVD's and find them very informative and well produced. My favourite and by far the most played is Timber to Unzmarkt followed closely by Sugar Beet in Poland.

thanks for swift attention & delivery, contents exceeded my expectations.

I received the DVDs a few days ago. Nice films and fast delivery. Thank you very much.

Iíve received the famous DVD yesterday and spent the evening watching it. Wonderful scenes and really high quality! Iím sure to order more of your DVD in the next weeks.

I finally got around to watching the DVD - excellent as usual, you do turn out some good stuff.

Pleased to inform you that my DVD arrived this afternoon, Many thanks, its an excellent film.

Hi Steve,I got the dvd ok, its excellent as always.Cheers and Happy New Year.

Just went to my mailbox and wonder of wonders there was my DVD. I was expecting at least another week. Thanks for the quick service.

Thank you for the DVDs. I received them yesterday. I have already watched some bits, and the material looks really great.

I greatly enjoyed my first purchase from you - very interesting, not to mention well presented and edited - and a very uncommon subject, which will (like so much else) disappear without being thoroughly recorded if we're not careful. Look forward to the next two!

Hi Steve, I had to thank you for the excellent DVD's, the quality is superb as is the content, I am most impressed. A very happy customer, all the best.

I may have worn out the DVD because I looked at it so hard. What a great programme!

I bought two of your magnificant DVD's in the shop of the NVBS at Voorschoten Holland. The first one I bought was the industrial archive of Holland and I must admit I never saw a DVD about dutch narrow gauge of this quality. So I bought some more and now I have 16 of your DVD's and I like them all.

Recieved the dvds I ordered. Very impressed and excellent quality.

Thank you for the dvd Timber to Unzmarkt and as usual very entertaining and good quality.

I've just watched the Ybbstalbahn video and - despite the late hour - I have to write you immediately, because I'm so much impressed about the quality of your filming and editing!

I had to thank you for the excellent DVD's, the quality is superb as is the content, I am most impressed. A very happy customer, all the best.

I enjoy very much your DVDs. I always look forward to your next one.

They are among my favourites of all my narrow gauge DVDs. I look forward to receiving the news ones in due course. Keep up the good work.

Tracks Underground, Another enjoyable dvd that will be watched many times.

Good job, Steve, very good: camera work, sound, editing, narration, balance between documentation of equipment and operation, graphic design.

Many thanks. The DVD arrived safely today and is excellent.

I recently purchased your "NG in Lithuania" DVD and firstly I would like to say how pleased I am with it. I've not got any of your other programmes (yet !) but have seen one or two over the years and I'm very impressed with both the technical quality and well researched content. The Lithuanian DVD is most inspiring.

I really do enjoy your videos about field railways. I think I've got six of your videos already.

I'm very pleased with the videos. An excellent balance between the sounds of the railways and the informative narration.

The above DVD arrived earlier this week and I would like to say how much I am enjoying it. I model Austrian NG using 'Magic Train' 0e and the DVD has certainly fired my imagination. Thank you for an excellent product.

I received the DVD about narrow gauge in Northern France, ABSOLUTELY SUPERB. I am definitely recommending your DVDs to other Narrow Gauge enthusiasts.

I purchased three videos on E-bay and was very impressed with both the quality and the service I received.

I am really impressed with what I have purchased so far (VHS & DVD). Having already bought a couple of your DVDs (and intend to buy more).

I have your excellent DVD Narrow Gauge In the Ybbs Valley and I saw your new DVD title Timber To Unzmarkt. Please let me know if this DVD is in stock.

Customer Feedback

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