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There are now few companies that can provide narrow gauge railway equipment. The list below represents an initial compilation for some of the companies throughout Europe and beyond. If anyone knows of further additions to the details listed, then please let us know.


One of the best known firms in England still building narrow gauge diesel and steam locomotives, and all aspects of ng equipment. They also have hire locos and rolling stock available for contracts. Web site: Holdtrade specialises in the supply of Industrial and light railway equipment. They supply track and track components for narrow gauge railways and mining applications. Web site:
  • K G J Price, Bedwas, Wales
They deliver standard and narrow gauge projects for the commercial and the heritage sector. They are Suppliers of all aspects of trackwork infrastructure. Notable recent clients have included Statfold Farm and the Welshpool and Llanfair Railway. Web site:
  • Thirty Inch Railways, Chard, Somerset
Narrow Gauge (2ft 6ins) Railway Consultancy, design and project management supply of equipment (new and secondhand) and rebuilding and refurbishment. Web site:
  • The Hunslet Engine Company, Lowfields Avenue, Leeds
Hunslet Engine Company is now owned by L H Group Services in Staffordshire. As well as building and refurbishing locos of both standard and narrow gauge, Hunslet own the intellectual property rights to many loco builders, such as Andrew Barclay, Kerr Stuart, Greenwood and Batley, Avonside, and others. They can supply components for many of these older makes of locomotive. Web site:
  • Clayton Equipment, Hatton, Derbyshire
This firm is the largest supplier of ng battery locomotives in the UK. A large proportion of locomotives are built for export. Web site:
  • Heritage Transport Supplies
This web site regularly has narrow gauge locos and rolling stock for sale. Web site:
  • Preston Services
This web site deals specifically in steam locomotives (both narrow gauge and standard gauge) and associated spares. Web site:
  • ESCA Engineering Ltd, Hindley Green, Wigan
A small firm that deals occasionally with narrow gauge equipment. It has recently been refurbishing the St Kitts 2ft 6ins loco fleet.
  • Rhino Industries
Advertises newbuild locos, rolling stock, and trackwork for miniature gauge and up to 2ft gauge. Web site:
  • Signal Aspects Ltd
They produce signalling equipment for heritage and industrial railways. Although they do supply standard gauge lines, most of thier business is with narrow gauge railways in the UK. Web site:
  • Fritz Rensmann GmbH & Co, Dortmund
Rensmann manufacture modern tunnel locomotives for numerous applications from 4tonnes upwards. They also service diema and Rensmann locos. Web site: Fritz Rensmann
  • Interlok, Hermann Schmidtendorf, Berlin
Interlok own the Polish railway repair shops at Pila (an affiliate to the states' enterprise ZNTK/ZNLS). They offer railway equipment from various European countries such as Poland Germany and Greece. Web site: Interlok
  • MaLoWa Bahnwerkstatt GmbH, Klostermansfeld
working in partnership with the Mansfelder Bergwerksbahn, the workshops of this once extensive industrial railway still commercially overhaul and sell railway equiment of various gauges, but mainly narrow gauge. Web site: Bergwerksbahn
  • Christoph Schöttler Machinenfabrik GmbH, Diepholz
Schöma have been building narrow gauge locomotives and equipment at the Diepholz site for many years. Web site: Schöma Lokomotiven
  • PHS STROJĮRNE A.S. Solvakia.
Company manufacturing narrow-gauge locomotives and special equipment for tunnel construction and mining industries. Web site: PHS STROJĮRNE
  • Trariasa Mining Locomotives, Spain.
Company in spain specialising in light to medium weight battery locos for underground use. Web site: Trariasa Mining Locomotives
  • Brookville Mining Equipment Corp, USA.
Long established locomotive firm in the USA, still specialising in underground, tunneling, and general industrial railway equipment. Web site: Brookville Mining Equipment
  • Kambarka Engineering Works, Russia.
The factory responsible for building the standard classes of 750mm gauge locos and rolling stock common over the former Soviet Block. Locos such as the TU7A and TU8 are still available for order, plus spares, as well as many new offerings. Web site: Kambarka Engineering  
Narrow Gauge Equipment
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