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Klinkerwerk Muhr GmbH
Gauge : 750mm 
Status : Working

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This picture was taken in 1997. Klinkerwerk Muhr still had rail connections to both sand and clay pits nearby. It had a single NS2h loco which at this time was used for hauling sand trains.  
Going back to 1995 an NS3 loco was in use in the claypits. It assisted with loading the skips, and then a new Diema loco was used for line work.  
The Diema loco is a DFL75, seen here taking the clay back to the works. The line runs alongside the brown coal tracks and crossed them on the level near the clay pit.  
By 1997 the NS3 loco was only in use to pull the skips into a siding by the claypit to allow the Diema to run round its train, due to the lack of a run round loop.  
The works itself had been modernised and the tiping shed was relatively new seen here in 1997. The Deima can just be seen inside the shed, a V10C is in the centre, and the NS2h on the right.
The new Diema loco inside the tipping sheds.  
Inside the shed a mechanical arm running alongside the tracks discharged the skips into the hoppers. This railway is reported still to be working but possibly just for sand trains.  
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