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Mattigka Sand und kies GmbH
Gauge : 900mm 
Status : Working

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On the outskirts of Berlin, near Königs-Wusterhausen, extensive sand pits have been worked for many years, close to the tiny village of Pätz. A 900mm gauge railway is used to transport sand about 4 kilometers, crossing the 179 main road to access the unloading depot.  
For much of its length, the railway runs through pine forest, alongside a rough track. There is a passing loop about two thirds of the way along, and evidence of other branches which are now disused.  
In March 1997, at the same location above, in a snow shower one of the V10C diesels pushes a train of five tipping wagons away to the sand pits.  
In October 1994, a train has just arrived at the main tipping sheds next to the lake.  
The loco slowly draws forwards as each wagon is tipped. All the locos here are the LKM built V10C diesels, rated at just over 100hp. These locos were built until 1975 in the DDR.
At least eight of these locomotives were counted, although several were in a poor state of repair, such as this example found at the back of the works.  
Each train consists of 5 side tipping wagons, with two trains normally in use. The terminus is split in two by the main road, with the loco sheds and passing loop on the west side, and the tipping sheds and storage sidings on the east side. In October 1994 a train of empties is ready to depart for the sand pits.
Next to the passing loop at the works a simple canopy had recently been built to provide some protection from the weather. 4 V10Cs were under cover here.
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