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DVD Running Time: 75 minutes

This DVD should be available in December 2015.

14 steam locos are seen in operation on all 3 of the Austrian metre gauge rack railways, using current footage taken in 2015, as well as archive footage from the 1990s. Initially, on a ride up the Schafberg we experience the latest motive power on the Schafbergbahn. We then get taken back to the sight and sound of the original Krauss Linz locos in operation from footage taken in the 1990s.

The Achenseebahn still uses the steam locos that were provided for the line in the late 1880s. All the original locos including N.4, rebuilt in 2008 after being taken out of service in the 1930s, are seen in footage taken in 2015 as well as the 1990s.

The Schneebergbahn is the longest and highest line and has undergone the biggest transformation. Steam services are now mostly consigned to history with the introduction of the Salamander trains. However from footage in 1995, 5 of the original Krauss Linz 0-4-2T locos are seen being prepared for a days work and ascending up the Schneeberg mountain.

Please see below for stills from the production

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In 1996 a steamy scene at Puchberg shed while 5 locos are coaled up for the days work on the Schneebergbahn.

One of the Achenseebahn locos hard at work on the rack section of the railway in 2015.


999.201 was the first of the new oil fired one-man operated steam locos to be trialled seen here in 1995. A further 3 of these locos were built in 1995 for the Schafbergbahn.

Ealy morning at Jenbach as 2 of the Austrian locos now 126 years old are prepared for the days work in 2015.

One of the Krauss Linz locos works it way up the side of the hill towards the halfway station on the Schneebergbahn in 1996.

Almrausch with her single coach, moving down into the station after servicing, ready for the next ascent in June 1995.

In August 1996, a busy train comes off the rack section as it crosses the road coming into Eben station on the Achenseebahn.

The classic shot of the Achenseebahn at Seespitz station terminus on the shores of the Achensee in September 2015.

Primel moving off from St Wolfgang station with drain coacks open in 1991.

One of the 0-4-2T Krauss locos leaving Puchberg on the Schneebergbahn in 1996.

999.204 built in 1995 now carrying the SKGB number Z14 receives some attention at St Wolfgang Station in 2015.

At Puchberg in season a typical operating day would see 5 of the Krauss Linz locos steamed up for the 2 coach services to the summit of the Schneeberg.

The locos at the Schafbergbahn built up large volumes of ash in the smokebox requiring clearing out after each return journey. Here Almrausch receives attention.

There are tunnels near the summit on both the Schneebergbahn and the Schafbergbahn. Here seen on the descent of a train on the Schneebergbahn in 1996.

Unusually for rack locos which are typically attached smokebox first to their one or two coaches for the duration of the day, at the Achenseebahn locos can be seen pulling trains on the adhesion section from Eben to Seespitz. A front shot is seen here at Jenbach in September 2015.

The Summit station on the Schneebergbahn in 1996 prior to recent changes following the introduction of the unfortunate 'Salamander' diesels.


Steve Thomason 2015

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