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DVD Running Time: 79 minutes

Over the recent years Klasmann (and more recently Klasmann-Deilmann since the two firms merged) have operated many narrow gauge railways at various locations in north western Germany for the transport of peat. This DVD documents the remaining systems and also highlighs a number of the systems that have ceased over the years.

The 900mm gauge system at Vehnemoor is visited as well as the 600mm gauge system at Sedelsberg. The large network of 900mm gauge lines from Schöninghsdorf in the north, to Gross Heseper and Dalum in the south is also covered. We are grateful to Klasmann-Deilmann for allowing filming inside the yards and works complexes at these locations. The bulk of the film uses footage taken in 2016 with archive footage over 20 years old looking at earlier Klasmann works around Twist and Papenburg.


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A double headed train arrives at Gross Hesepe works for unloading.

The large bogie wagons are rolled onto an end tippler and hoisted up for emptying at Gross Hesepe.

Although Klasmann-deilmann have heavily invested in modern locomotives in recent years, there are still many older examples still at work across the various sites, such as No.6358 built in 1947 here at Vehnemoor.

At the Sedelsberg site, the unloading facility alongside the Küsten Kanal also serves to load trains with peat coming in from elsewhere.

A few older shots are seen of long disused sites such as the Wietmarschen site seen here when disused in 1999.

A site that continued a little longer was the 600mm line at Dalum. Although it was taken up shortly after these scenes were captured.


Shortly after leaving the main works at Sedelsberg, the train passes under the main road running north through Saterland.

There is a range of interesting rail mounted equipment in use at the Klasmann sites, including this self propelled track laying machine seen in May 2016 at Vehnemoor.

At Sedelsberg there are 2 tipping sheds, both still in use, with the older shed and tipplers seen here.

The huge 900mm network to the east of Twist has a tipping point discharging directly into lorries near Dalum, just next to the motorway. A number of locos were found resting here between duties.


At Vehnermoor, the length of the trains has gradually been increasing. Adding a third loco to the train, with the modern remote controled Schöma locos, it allows an extra 12 wagons to be pulled for each journey.

Peat is harvested from a wide variety of locations on the 900mm network, feeding into the Gross Hesepe works, and here loading is taking place at Rülhermoor, in the heart of the oilfields.

At Sedelsberg an older Schoma is stationed at the old tipping sheds to manouvre wagons onto the tipplers when required.

A purpose built remote controlled winch based on a loco frame, allows single manned operation when loading out on Vehnemoor.

Although the main lengths of the rail networks run unseen to the casual observer, there are a number of road crossings, protected only by the feldbahn crossing signs such as here at Venhemoor.

The trains running into the 900mm gauge tipplers at Schöninghsdorf are typically double headed, terminating into what is now the most northerly tippling point in the network.

The 3 remote controlled Schöma locos run round the train afer fly shunting the wagons into the tippler on the banks of the Küsten Kanal at Vehnemoor.

At Schöninghsdorf, there is a double tippler complex in constant use. There are creeper mechanisms under the tracks to feed the wagons on and off the tiplers.

© Steve Thomason 2016

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways