Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways
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DVD Running Time: 72 minutes

Since the end of the 1950s the discovery of oil and gas below Rühlermoor in the west of Germany, led to the construction of a complex railway maintaining all the oil wells. The total network is still over 100km in length, and every day there can be often 10 or more locos in use transporting peat and maintenance equipment for oil production.

The DVD shows examples of various types of trains, peat trains, hot water tanker wagons, plant transport on flat wagons, pump wagons, mobile rail mounted drilling rigs, and rail maintenance, all filmed between 2016 and 2017. It is the most intensively operated industrial narrow gauge railway still in use in Germany.


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Loco No.25 in charge of the track maintenance duties for the day.

One of the three larger Schöma locos transporting the set of mobile pumps/cabins to the next well head.

No.25 gets back to the depot to park up for the evening, with the Gas installation framing the train behind.

Schöma No.28 brings one of the excavators back from the moors.

No.32 the newest Schöma seen on the site backs the hot water tanker into one of the depots.

A Diema loco from Klasmann-Deilmann parks up at the end of a temporary branch with a maintenance train to move track panels.


This is the view along NordStrasse on the north of the site, typical of the rural nature of the site that produces over 20% of the internal oil in Germany.

One of the road crossings over the Twist/Meppen road.

The rail mounted drilling rig and auxilliary wagons stored in the depot.

All the newer locos have the ability to operate by remote control. It gives the feeling of playing with a big train set!


Bringing round the next train of empties into TorfStrasse

Loco 30 at the next nodding donkey requiring servicing.

Jan Kwade now have three Diema locos, easily distinguished from the Exxonmobil locos by their blue livery.

One of the Kwade locos parked up after transporting the large excavator to the well head.

The track gang consists of just 2 workers, but seem to be highly efficient at swapping out the lengths of track that require replacing.

A heavy Klasmann-Deilmann train rumbles by making the ground shake as it passes due to the unstable peat moor.

One of the mobile drilling rigs being errected over a bore hole.

Loco No.26 used to move the rig and various wagons with supporting equipment.

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways