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Welcome to the home of industrial narrow gauge railways in Europe. This web site has been built to record information regarding current industrial and commercial narrow gauge railways operating throughout Europe.

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The type of railways covered can vary from a small hand worked line with a single wagon, to the large freight and passenger carrying networks that had still been operated until recently in countries such as Austria, Spain, and Poland. The site does not concern itself with pleasure lines or museum operations. There are many other web sites with this information, some of which are shown in the links pages.

In this site you will find news regarding these railways. This is provided by site visits and from reports in the media. All visitors to the site are welcome to contribute to the news pages. Videos and DVDs of these fast disappearing railways have been produced for many years and details of the current releases are shown elsewhere. If you wish to see what others have written about the videos and DVDs click here.

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Latest update :8th May 2022

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The site is normally updated approx every 4-6 weeks or more frequently for small ads.

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Previous Updates :

March 2022: A quiet year for news so far, but this update includes even more small ads, so if you are after some narrow gauge rolling stock, there are are quite a few options at present.

January 2022: A very happy New Year to everyone, especially all those who contribute to the web site content and maintain its interest. Also a big thank you to all those who continue to purchase the Narrow Gauge at Work DVDs, which contributes to the web site hosting costs and ensures that the For Sale Ads remain free. To kick off the year, a few belated items of European news have been added.

December 2021: few archive photos added in the England Railways section from a classic peat railway in England at Lindow Moss.

October 2021: Just a few updates to the small ads again this month.

August 2021: A few updates to the small ads this month.

June 2021: A number of updates to the small ads this month.

April 2021: Some items of News, and a few items for sale this month.

March 2021: Sadly with the continuing lack of travel opportunities, far less European news is available. This update only has a few additional items for sale.


Details of the Springfield Agricultural Railway have now been included on this site. click here to learn more about this railway. The web pages include details on the construction, rolling stock, operation, and regular updates about the line.

Video footage always wanted

Have you any narrow gauge railway video footage that is collecting dust on a shelf somewhere? If you have, why not give other people the change to see it, and consider letting us edit and release the footage for you? In line with the scope of the website we would be interested in any industrial ng subjects, or freight based operations from larger ng lines. Depending on the length and the quality of video available, we could even consider a small payment for the use of it. It could be included on a release with similar subject matter, or maybe even released as a full DVD in its own right. Drop us an email and let us know what you have.

PAYPAL Online Ordering available on this web site

All the productions are now available to be purchased online via the secure and simple PAYPAL order process. Just select the video/DVD of your choice and follow the onscreen instructions. The PAYPAL process can be used for those people with or without PAYPAL accounts. For further information on PAYPAL click here.

Hundreds of orders have now been successfully processed using Paypal. If you wish to see some feedback from customers who have used this service please click here.

Latest DVD Releases

900mm Gauge on Rühlermoor: This DVD provides a facinating insight into an area seen as a strategic energy site for Germany, with trains from the iol, and gas and peat industies al operating on the same network. This is probably the largest and most intensively worked industrial narrow gauge site in Germany today.

Klasmann: Operations of the Klasmann-Deilmann railway still operating in Germany today, mostly filmed in 2106, plus archive footage from up to 20 years ago.

Industrial Narrow Gauge Survivors: An interesting cross section of real industrial narrow gauge railways still working across Europe.

Steam on the Rack in Austria: Using footage from the 1990s as well as from 2015, all three of the metre gauge rack railways surviving in Austria are featured with nearly all the original steam locos seen during the course of the production.

Bolton Fell; The end of an Era: A release looking at the last traditionally regularly worked narrow gauge railway in England that closed in June this year. The video footage includes many of the Motor Rail locos that used to work on this site, compiled from several visits over they years including the final dismantling of the line.

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Industrial Narrow Gauge Railways